What is the Right Size header Website for Your Site?

Its true what they say – first impressions count. header of your website is the first thing people see when they land on your site. Some eye-tracking studies have found a man scans the Digital Marketing Agencies Sheffield computer and mobile phone screens start at the top and make a zig-zag pattern down the screen. The main function of the website header is the navigation. But it also plays an important role in communicating your brand style and appearance. In this guide, we will explore the world of the site header and address questions about what the ideal website header size should be.

Key Principles website header

1. Branding

Start by creating images, graphics, or other visual concepts that show the essence of your product or service. graphics should show your business’s brand and logo as well. Will have the right choice of styles and colors that match your website that inspires the reader.

 Header is big and bold. Perhaps a nod to its namesake, the Greek Titan Atlas God “carries the sky on his shoulders”. blue brand Atlassian is an entire copy features hyperlinks, call to action buttons and images.

 Some brands can achieve the kind of minimalist feel that Apple does. For an organization with many divisions and more than 130,000 employees worldwide, it excels at simplifying everything and visually communicate the brand is so quick.

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Image Credit: Google Image


Uses them to push a header from the most important action: donations. Placement, size, color and excellence “action bar” serves not only as a navigational tool, but a way to communicate their goals but most importantly to encourage action.

Find the middle of the front and:

Stock image sites are all about .  bar stand and branded seamlessly utilize brand font, color and iconography.

 2. Size

For sites that sell products, the header is a useful tool to display popular products and promotions. Carousel or slider that is often used to rotate through a full-featured product or part serves as a launching point into the key parts of the site.

Presents almost the same header barriers, highlighting the carousel collection. Indicators carousel (points) will be displayed vertically on the bottom right while filling header navigation screen 100% with overlayed on top. Striking looks.

Internet.org is another example of a full-frame header with navigation on muted. But instead of a carousel using the left side of the double header as navigation and content area. When the user makes a selection of a site slide to the left, moving pictures hero to the left side to reveal the contents of the body on the right side.

In a variation of the full width of Virgin Galactic, the header serves as a navigation element heroes with video backgrounds provide a visual respect.

3. Content

Each element in the header of your site should work together. The location and size of each object in the header gives users a visual clue about how to navigate and use your web site Digital Marketing Agencies in Sheffield when they immediately landed. Button color, spacing and padding around the element or font size of the title can mean all the difference between the user performs the desired action, or not.