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Packing goods is not an easy process, be it household or industrial. And definitely not when it is moving across different locations, either within city or different cities. Do we blame you? No, we don’t since that is how it works. Some might not need any sort of help. While, others will require assistance when it comes to packing as they are not certain about what to pack or how to pack or in some cases, both. Sometimes packing can be very stressful by itself especially when it comes with time constraints. A few tips about the process would make your packing job less stressful and a lot better;

To begin with, get rid of all the things that won’t be needed in the new place. This not only frees up space but also makes the packing and lifting easier.
Organize the things before you begin to pack. Make a list of things that are being packed so that it can be verified later if all the goods are properly delivered.
Use the right boxes – use smaller boxes to pack heavy items like books, utensils etc. And use large boxes to pack light weighing goods like pillows, linens etc. This way it becomes easier to carry the boxes. Not only that, it also reduces the risk of breaking.
Place the heavier boxes at the bottom and the less weighing ones on the top. When the heavier one falls, it causes more damage than the lighter ones. Packers and Movers Srinagar So, it is advised to place the heavier ones at the bottom.
Do not leave any empty space in the boxes. This just gives more space for the goods to roll around and possibly break when they are being transported.
Tape the boxes well. Boxes should not be left loose while transporting. Use the packing tape to firmly pack the boxes.
Use the best possible route to reach your new house. Sometimes it may so happen that roads in one of the routes would have more bumps and pits than some other friendly route. The speed breakers too can damage the goods.
Make sure you have specialized boxes for carrying the electronics. Usually, electronics are fragile and they are easily prone to breakages. The best solution to this problem is to use the boxes that the electronics came in.
Label all the boxes that are packed so that you will not harshly handle any box that contains fragile goods. You can also number them to keep a count.
Use bubble wrap or blankets to wrap around the goods that are prone to breakage like glass, crockery, utensils etc. They would most certainly break during transportation if placed inside the box without being wrapped.