IS YOUR INBOX overwhelmed?

Written by the creative director of leading Indian Integrated Brand Management and Digital Marketing Company Nottingham. of experience in advertising and branding. Today he leads India & Middle East office for and work on digital and brand strategy.

We’ve all been there, and we all know how annoying it can be. For many of us check our inbox and pressing the send / receive in anticipation actually counterproductive. Here are 5 common mistakes that we all might make …

  1. Full inbox with unnecessary information

The desire to stay on top of everything is great. However, this will often lead us to subscribe to many threads that do not need, newsletters and email notifications that crowd our inbox. I am sure that some of us spend more time putting our inboxes for any messages you really care about than actually get something.

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  1. Using email even when not needed

So many things can happen in our inbox, from email a colleague for a quick question for managing complex projects with meetings and share documents. The question is though, should they happen there? Sometimes, there is a better way to do things.

  1. Send / receive every 5 minutes !!! Yup … I’m used to!

Spent a lot of time in our inbox is required if the work specifically for email answers. However, if not, deal with the messages should take as little time as possible. Maybe checking email every five minutes, write the same reply over and over again and manually organize your inbox alone is not the best way to do it.

  1. Writing a long email … irks sure !!!

Brevity and clarity are as important for a good mail as grammar and spelling are correct. If we let the email be pedantic, we risk making it difficult for recipients to find out exactly what we asked of them.

  1. Never delete or archive emails … guilty as charged!

Having a messy or cluttered inbox like I used to have consequences on productivity and efficiency. Trust me, you will forget to do the things that are important, and may lose some Digital Marketing Companies Nottingham emails as important information will be lost among the dozens of messages you receive every day.