A sneak peak into our Packing and Moving Services.

To avail services of a moving company these days, you should be cautiously aware that we can now find several types of moving services offered by a single moving company. Knowing all of them is important so as to get the relocation support that best fits your needs. Thanks to Assuremoving.in for developing an exceptional software that provides automatic live quotes on different Packers and Movers Surat based on volume and distance which can provide enormous help to your next move.

With us, you will find three major types of moving service that you may take advantage of – the Premium service, the Standard service and the Basic service.

Premium service is full-service with premium packaging, as the name suggests and has the ability to handle the entire moving process at premium grade.Sensitive classic home artworks and expensive furniture need specialised care with thermal packaging features. This means that your hired moving company shall be in charge of packing and loading your entire furniture, home appliances and personal items with premium packaging for fragile and expensive items and does it with extra manpower support to make the process easy and quick giving high quality service. With such a package, you get added convenience and ample amount of time to give attention to other areas of your relocation process. The only drawback if you might consider, however, is that it can be costly. You furthermore have to adhere to the policies obligatory from the mover because if you undertake some packing by yourself, personally, they don’t be held liable for any damages which might have caused to those items.

The second type of service that you can avail with us is the Standard package which is also a full-service package that takes care of the packing and unpacking of your entire inventory. While the packing is entirely done by standard corrugated sheets or blanket wraps, the fragile and expensive items would miss out on bubble wraps since they fall under premium package. Not all items in your house may come into this category. Your crockery, or grand piano and fragile antiques need to make use of special relocation services. We however neatly pack all items with standard material with expert skills and effectively handle the dismantling as well as reassembly of your furniture. We provide standard service to plants and animals that you want them moved along as well.

Basic moving package is the typical Do-it-Yourself moving except for transportation. In this package you orchestrate the packing task personally while the movers do the loading, transportation and unloading. Usually, your movers will provide the appropriate truck according to the volume you have assigned and limited labour to complete the manual loading and unloading job. Additionally there is a choice where you opt for carton boxes by paying additionally, the service usually not assigned to his package. Choosing this kind of service can save you an ample amount of money. In addition, you will get a lot of spare time at hand according to your own needs to execute the rearranging task properly.

Best Movers and Packers in Surat verified and listed on our platform can do all this work effortlessly. If you are thinking about shifting within city in Pune or relocating to a distant location, visit Assuremoving.in for expert and trusted Movers and Packers or call us on to avail top-class moving services provided on three different packages to suit your needs.