With Christmas just a few weeks away, business e-commerce in the UK getting ready for the busiest period Digital Marketing Agencies in Nottingham of the year. But with a flood of online shoppers flocked to secure the best deals possible, how you can ensure your ecommerce store can not be ignored?

In this post, we’ve put together five tips to help your business stand out from the crowd and maximize every sales opportunity this Christmas.

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1: Be prepared

When you’re busy running a business, it is not always easy to make time to plan seasonal promotions and sales. However, with UK sales of e-commerce is expected to reach an all time high this year, it’s really important to take steps to ensure your business is prepared to deal with the extra demand.

Make sure to have enough staff to deal with inquiries and mailing out the delivery, and – most importantly – have enough stock.

2: Be mobile

A large number of buyers are turning their backs on the high street in favor of online shopping using their mobile phones. Why? Buying a gift on a smartphone or tablet is fast, convenient and does not involve pushing past hordes of angry shoppers to get what you need.

The growing trend for mobile shopping has proved to be a major boost for e-commerce businesses. However, if your website is not set to be responsive and mobile friendly, you could be missing out on important sales.

3: Be Social

It’s Christmas! While it is true that not everyone celebrates (or enjoy) this time of year, it’s still a great excuse to let a bit of festive spirit spills over into your social media accounts. After all, when else can you go to post video dancing deer?

4: Be Seasonal

You do not have to restrict your activities Christmas themed to your social media accounts. Why not create a themed landing pages for your website? Maybe you can get creative and take some pictures of new products (complete with Christmas decorations) to use to promote your products during December? A sprinkle of festive cheer goes a long way when you are trying to tempt buyers away from your competitors.

5: Be promotion

If you are running deals and offers this Christmas special, the world needs to know. carefully planned PPC campaign remarketing can be used to target shoppers who have visited your site Digital Marketing Company in Nottingham before. However, if you do not have much time left to set up PPC advertising, it’s not too late to get the word out there. Snapchat Stories, Facebook Live updates, email newsletters, blog posts and social media updates can be very effective to target buyers in the last minute.